Writing And Directing Showreel

Shina Fly is a filmmaker, TV producer, and presenter currently based in Australia. In 2021 she wrote/directed “The Presence of time”. A surrealist short film about a girl traveling through different times of her life and finding out new surprising events in each era.

In 2022, she was selected by Endemol Shine Australia as a film student to join their crew as director’s attachment for a Stan TV series called "Bali 2002”. That experience helped her to develop her directing and AD skills further and motivated her to start writing her next short film. She then directed/produced her arthouse short called “Familiar Nightmares” about a girl who is using art and therapies to deal with a life changing trauma.

The stories that she creates are influenced by her educational background in fine art, and her professional experience in modeling. She studied her master's at the University of Sydney in Moving Image and got her bachelor’s degree in Sculpture and Industrial Design from Seoul National University.

During her studies, she was offered to work with the well-known Korean media company "BNT News” as their ambassador and model where she worked with various luxurious brands and was on several editions of BNT one Magazine, and commercials. She recalls working in the beauty industry as difficult times, since she was expected to keep up with specific standards and trends that were difficult to achieve. Consequently, she witnessed herself and the other models are gradually showing signs of self image issues. That expereince inspired her to initiate the creation of a new short film as writer/director, and in late 2022 She produced the arthouse/horror “Selfie but Not Myself”.

Other working experiences she has in this industry are working as a VT producer/presenter for a magazine like daily TV show. The job that was an extension of her art and design content creations on her YouTube channel. Today, she is writing two scripts to be produced in 2023 while progressing her career in TV and film industry.